Our Services

ABA: Applied Behavior Analysis is a systematic approach that promotes positive, healthy conduct in children while reducing and preventing undesired behaviors.

Our services include:

In Home: We provide ABA in-home services working with your child 1:1 for a prescribed number of hours per week according to your child’s medical necessities. An evaluation is initially conducted to determine your child’s present levels in order to determine appropriate goals and intervention strategies. Every program is uniquely tailored to meet each child’s need.

In School: BID/BII services: ABC offers several behavioral services for students and for school district staff. For students we offer Behavioral Assessments, including FBA’s and FA’s and Behavior Intervention Implementation (BII) services. We provide support to students who spend most their school day in general education environments or special day and the unique interventions that they need. Our BII's are qualified to work in the field of ABA. They have experience which is reinforced by continues ongoing trainings. We offer the 40-hour RBT training and we highly encourage and support our personnel to get the registered as RBTs. We also provide supervision on a weekly basis. Our supervisors all have years of experience in the field of ABA supporting students with behavioral challenges. ABC fosters an environment of collaboration between teachers, families, peers, and team members.


· Incidental Teaching

· Positive Behavior Supports

· Social Skills Training

· Natural Environment Teaching

· Discrete Trial Instruction

· Verbal Behavior Therapy

· Pivotal Response Treatment (Play-Based Therapy)

· Picture Exchange Communication System